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When You Compare The Cash, You Will Stick To What Axproz Has To Offer

Competitive Salaries

When it comes to salary, we define the competition. Salaries at Axproz are far more competitive as compared with the salaries of other organizations.

Annual Bonuses

The annual bonuses provide additional boost to your salary, designed to reward employees for delivering superior results throughout the year.

Overtime Bonuses

The overtime bonuses reward employees for working longer hours than their normal shifts, thus producing higher levels of productivity.

Growth Package

Because your salary matters! Axproz offers biannual growth in salary that continue to attract and retain the talent.

Annual Leaves Encashment

Employees do the hard work and we are here to acknowledge it. Depending upon the number of leaves, each employee gets cash amount as per the number of leaves.

Paid Holidays

Axproz counts and rewards every second of your work. Employees are permitted to work on holidays to get extra pay.

Shift Allowances

Axproz gives extra allowances apart from their salaries to those employees who work in the evening or night shift.

Monthly Performance Rewards

The monthly performance awards boost the morale of employees by recognizing their efforts and celebrating excellence in shape of prize money and certificates.

Challenging but Stress Free Work Environment

Our working environment is dynamic, fast-paced and challenging one, especially true for those who can strive to beat the standards of excellence.

Work Environment That Really Matters

Monthly Transparent Evaluations

The monthly transparent evaluations assess individual performance of employees and provide them a clear visibility of their monthly progress.

Respect & Recognition

Setting standards that foster productivity. Axproz promotes the culture of respect and recognition that equates to satisfied and happy employees.

Extensive Trainings

Extensive trainings are conducted to educate the workforce so that they keep themselves updated with the current market trends.

Flexible Working Hours

We implement flexible work arrangements for the employees, giving them a greater scheduling freedom in how they fulfill their job duties.

Inhouse Subsidized Cafeteria

Axproz offers all in all the best eatables with high food quality in hygienically good utensils. All eatables are offered at very low rates.

Inhouse Game Room

The in-house game room is a great addition to Axproz family where employees can enjoy the fun part of their work.

Inhouse Prayer Halls

We have the separate prayer halls for males and females. The employees can offer their prayers in full peace and harmony.

Hostel Facility

The hostel accommodation is available for employees that is convenient, safe, and a great place to take shelter.

Transport Facility

Axproz feels proud to have its own pick up and drop facility reserved for employees. The transport takes them from their residence to work and back.

Quarterly Picnics

The Quarterly picnics resonate great fun activities, appetizing food, and beautiful outdoor setting, all add up to provide a wonderful time for the employees.

Monthly Departmental Outings

Monthly departmental outings across a series of entertainments such as dining, cinema, and picnics provide a relaxing escape from the work environment.

Monthly Organizational Lunch

After an energizing event of monthly meeting, a free organizational lunch is offered to all employees of Axproz during standard lunch hours.

We Also Care About Your Future

Health Care Services

Axproz is a great place to receive health care. We offer excellent health care services, protecting you and your family in case of a mishap.

OPD For Self

No worries if you want to pay a visit to the doctor for minor conditions. In Pakistan, OPD for self is offered by a handful of companies, and Axproz is one of them.

Life Insurance

The life insurance benefits your family by giving them a secure future in the time when they need it the most.

Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)

This compulsory saving scheme benefits the employees after their retirement, giving them a great cash when they need it the most.


This compulsory saving scheme benefits the employees after their retirement, giving them a great cash when they need it the most.

Interest Free Loans

Immediate financial worries need immediate response. That’s where Axproz gives an edge by providing 100% interest free loans to the employees.

Want to Dash-Through a Smashing Career!

If it’s career out there, you will find it here. If you are an individual who wants to fly high by delivering out-of-the-ordinary professionalism, this is the right place for you. Join our workforce and live your dream with open eyes.

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